Saturday, 27 September 2014

Getting a Job in TV/Film: The Myths

Anyone catch that article on The Guardian "6 Myths About Getting a Career in the TV & Media Industries"?

It's always interesting to hear from insiders and I'd definitely suggest a read of it (and a lot of the other stuff on The Guardian's media pages). However, in trying to encompass all aspects of the media industries the article becomes misleading. I also question whether the author can really know and understand the obstacles facing new entrants, if they are now at manager level. Having spent almost 3 years working in the industry (I include my various internships whilst at university, from which I graduated a year ago) I am much farther down the ladder and have quite a different opinion on the subject.

So in response to that article, here is what I think you also need to know about the 6 Myths....

1. You'll spend all your time partying with celebrities
As a runner in TV you will meet celebs and probably get to attend some cool parties. However you need to know that fandom is extremely looked down upon in the industry. If you meet your all-time favourite actor you have to behave like they are any other regular Joe. No autographs, no selfies, no incessant chat. You won't get fired if you do any of these things, but it makes you look unprofessional and people will trust you less - the result will be less access to celebrities. And after a while the novelty of seeing famous people will wear off, as you realise they are just like everybody else and just want to get on with their job. Some will be divas, some will be super down-to-earth. However they behave, you need to be cool, calm and, at parties, one of the more sober attendees.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Sexual Misadventures in London - Part 2

This time the Samantha Jones inside me was out and determined to get down and dirty. My date played rugby and he was so enthusiastic over text I figured he'd probably be enthusiastic in bed too.

What I'm about to type is going to seem so hideously shallow and awful but I'm going to be honest. I knew as soon as I met him that we would not be having sex.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Sexual Misadventures in London - Part 1

... or maybe a more accurate, but less eye-grabbing (wankier) title would be

"Modern Gender Roles in Dating: A Reflection" 

or if I'm getting straight to the point 

"Men & Women; We're all the Bloody Same" 

I feel a little guilty admitting that just 5 days after breaking up with my last boyfriend, I went on a Tinder Date. My main motivation behind this was distraction; I could not bear the idea of an evening to myself. I had downloaded the app as a reminder that there were plenty of male fish in the mirky London sea but did not intend to use it until I was "ready". Thursday evening was looming large and empty in my schedule and I panicked, went onto Tinder and picked a suitable rebound. 

His name was Adonis. Perfect! If this all went tits up, at least I could laugh about the time I dated a guy named after a Greek God, straight after the guy who had the body of one.